Eco-Seeds Wildflower Favors
DIY and Custom Favors for Your Wedding Celebrations

From lace patterned to natural paper, Eco-Seeds Wildflower Favors has seed packet favors to go with the style of your special occassion. Customized with your names, dates, special message, and even photograph your favors become keepsakes to your guests and decorate your party tables.

Add photos/names/dates/blessings/messages to these downloadable Wildflower Wedding Favor Seed Packet Templates on your home computer.
Choose from among Modern, Chic, Romantic, and Grunge-Texture Inspired styles.  Download, customize, and print.
Each sheet prints onto 81/2 x 14 glossy, semi-gloss, or matte printer paper, 4 seed packets per sheet. Cut along dotted lines.  (Most copy stores make inexpensive cuts.) 
Fold and secure as directed on each sheet. Fill with Wildflower Seed and seal.  You now have elegant, eco-chic favors for all of your guests.

Eco-Seed Wildflower Party Favors! 
Send Every Guest Home with a Gift That Gives Back

Blooming as fresh flowers in window gardens and outdoors, you help replenish wildflower populations just by giving these chic, custom favors during your guests. You'll also be helping bees, butterflies, birds, and natural pest reducers like ladybugs survive!

The wildflowers that bloom in the months and years after your wedding day, remind your guests of the special celebration you shared with them, helping replenish the Earth's dwindling supply of wildflowers. Some varieties are almost extinct in urban wild spaces and can be brought back by giving Eco-Seeds Wildflower Favors. 

Custom Favor Design

Want to customize the design of your wildflower wedding favor seed packet template?  You can add or change to your custom wedding colors, or change the proverb to a blessing, for example.  
Just fill out the request form on the Custom Favors page (tabs at top of page) and submit it. 

Include Your Custom Colors! 
Add Your Specific Wedding Colors  - available with most designs for an additional $4 along with your favorite, $5 seed packet design template. Specify wedding colors with the Hex color diagram.